One Simple Way to Rank First on Google

Easy way to dominate Google rankings. Have you ever contacted a website and requested a link? Most likely, they ignored you. Random websites won’t link to you, yet to rank better, you need these links. And if you can’t get them, it will be difficult for you to rank well on Google. Like votes, links have value.

In US presidential elections, the candidate who receives the most votes typically prevails. In general, the candidate with the most votes wins. I say generally because each state has a winner-take-all system. The internet is the same way. You will typically rank better the more links you have. To reach the top, you only need to have enough, not the most.

And then what should you do if you can’t get others to link to you? The trick is to concentrate on locating websites that link to numerous of your rivals. A person is more likely to connect to you because they are agnostic if they link to not one, not two, but three or more of your rivals. They don’t give a damn who their competition is. Anybody in this space is welcome to link to them. However, how can you track down these websites that are linking to numerous rivals and persuade them to link to you?

Okay, I want you to visit Add your URL here. You may access this Backlinks report by entering your URL. It displays your domain authority, the number of links you have, who is linked to you, and the evolution of your link profile over time.

Click on Backlinks opportunities in the left-hand menu. I want you to list at least two, but preferably three, of your rival businesses. You can choose to list just two or all three. and your territory. Depending on how many links you enter, it will either show you two or three competitors’ links or none at all.

To put it another way, they are linking to your competitor but not to you. In order to see which domains and which pages on your competitor’s website are being linked to, you should examine each site that links to many of your rivals. And if you have pages that are similar to theirs, contact them and say, “Hey, I have a page that is similar to yours, but mine covers X, Y, and Z that yours does not.”

You are welcome to link to it there. Send emails to those websites; it’s that easy. You should receive more than 14 links if you send out 100 emails, even if it may seem like a lot. That ratio is excellent. Again, the objective is to target websites that link to three or more of your rivals but do not link to you because chances are good that they will connect to you as well.